We released the RAMPAGE LEVEL demo on April 5th the same day the VIVE launched, and we made it FREE TO PLAY and are we glad we did. Since the game was free, we got loads and loads and downloads and were able to track users and see what they liked and didn’t like. Shortly after we added a bunch of achievements and leaderboards, and players were cranking out such high numbers we quickly had to add a bunch more targets that were tougher to hit. I don’t think anyone who worked on PITCH-HIT is even in the top 30 players, it’s pretty sad and kinda awesome knowing that other people are better at your own game.

We always have been planning on releasing the FULL GAME with different difficulty modes and additional levels (Home Run, Hoops, Rubber Ducks in water, and The “no gravity” Moon level) and are happy to announce that you’ll be able to play them very soon. Additionally we’ve also added 2 mini-games. There will be a “JUGGLE” game where you try to see how many times you can juggle the ball on the end of the bat. and just like the best games you’ll be able to see how much better your friends scores are. Also something we are very proud of : the CATCH YOUR OWN BALL mini-game. Where you the player will hit the ball, and then teleport to the area around where it will land and try to catch it. The process then restarts, and you can essentially play catch with yourself for as long as you want, which is actually very calming.

We’re shooting for a JULY release. Under the hood, we’ve been playing with updating the games mechanics to work with the newest UNITY engine, and are doing tests using VALVE’S LAB RENDER TOOLS to see the best options to make PITCH-HIT a very pretty yet very stable game with high FPS. Oh and Multiplayer? Yeah we’re working on that too, and are planning for a DLC add-on later this year, and not just 1v1 in already made levels of PITCH-HIT. We’ve been reading the comments saying our DEMO does a really good job showing what a future team vs team full out baseball VR game would feel like. We agree, so we’ve begun to make it.


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